RadWrap™ / Agri Barrier 66" x 182' Perforated 1000sqft

RadWrap™ / Agri Barrier 66" x 182' Perforated 1000sqft

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Polyshield RadWrap foil/white, featuring low emittance (E=5%) and 95% heat reflectivity, is a versatile and perforated material with numerous applications. Whether used as house wrap, in agriculture buildings, as roof underlayment, or as a crawlspace floor covering, RadWrap proves its adaptability.

When employed as house wrap, RadWrap significantly improves air tightness, adds R-Value to the overall building envelope, and minimizes heat gain in the summer. Additionally, it effectively reduces condensation, optimizing overall insulation efficiency. The perforated model is especially suited for hybrid solutions when installed with mass insulation such as wool, foam, or fiberglass, providing a comprehensive and efficient insulation solution for diverse building needs.

The white polyethylene surface makes for a superior washable ceiling material. Polyshield RadWrap consists of a highly reflective material which reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. An optional solid material is available. 

- Tear free Woven weaving structure
- 5mil heavy duty structure - puncture free 
- Perfect for Hybrid: combined with Foam/Fiberglass
- Low E (5%) foil surface with 95% heat reflectivity 
- Smooth white finish