Polyshield™ Bubble Insulation DBDF 48"x75' (Double P2-300)

Polyshield™ Bubble Insulation DBDF 48"x75' (Double P2-300)

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Polyshield Reflective bubble insulation is a vapor barrier (solid, non-breathable), 95% heat reflective insulation product manufactured with encapsulated air bubbles between two highly reflective surfaces designed to keep out summer heat (heat gain) and hold in heat generated in the winter (heat loss), while reducing moisture condensation and blocking water vapor. The encapsulated air bubbles provide a thermal break to minimize conductive heat from moving through the material.         

Polyshield double bubble foil/foil is an inexpensive variation for those looking for an economical solution, as well. It has the same 95% reflectivity as all the other variations. The foil/foil variation is most commonly used inside finished walls.


48” x 75’ (300ft2)
-A 7 layers bubble insulation structure
-Low Emittance foils surfaces (E=5%)
-Foils reflect 95% of radiant heat
-A unique recipe of LDPE plastics blend
-Stiffer than most bubbles
– easier to install-Suitable for all building insulation applications
-Perfect for retrofits and home improvements
-Excellent insulation for metal building/carports
-Help to minimize heat bridges in metal buildings
-Provide robust R value when installed with air spaces
-Will not de-laminate
– improve durability and stability
-Suitable for Hybrid installation with foam or fiberglass